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9 Feng Shui Rule of Thumb Suggestions

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

1. Keep the drains covered, the toilet seat cover down and bathroom door closed to avoid the good energy  "chi" from going directly down the drain affecting that area the bathroom is located on.

2. Remove clutter or miscellaneous items from the floor of your home or office. To avoid   good energy "chi" from becoming  idle/stagnant.

3. Always be in command position. It is best for sofas, bed and desks to be facing the door and not the wall or with it's back to the door.

4. Always remember to use all the burners on a regular basis including the simmer in the back.

5. Keep the range clean especially when not in use.

6. Don't place the bed where your feet is directly pointed towards the door.

7. Remove all broken appliances from the house or office. 

8. Remove any objects or decor that you dislike each time you look at it.

9.Replace any dead plants as soon as possible with a healthier plant. 

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