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All About Feng Shui

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

You can Feng Shui a space as small as your sink.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronouced fung-shway) is an ancient Chinese Art and Philosophy that generates Harmony and Balance in the space we are in. When harmony and balance exists, we have the support we need to create the abundance we are seeking in Life: Family, Wealth, Health, Mentors, Creativity/Children, Knowledge, Fame/Reputation, Career and Love/Marriage.

How does Feng Shui Work?

Feng Shui is the art of placement or arrangement of our environment to support our lives. The word Feng Shui literally translates to "Wind and Water". It creates a clear path for the chi (good energy) to move around any space. By creating a clear path for good energy, we can maximize what we gain from the universal life force that is present in everything around us.

Our environment is either working and supporting our goals in life or it is stagnant or idle and working against these goals in life. Practicing Feng Shui teaches us to join forces with what our environment offers and the philosophy of Feng Shui works directly with the energies that exists beneath our earth's surface. When we align with these energies, we gather the support we need for all the areas in our lives.

All spaces; such as our home, office, individual rooms and even personal desks can be aligned and gain the benefits of these energies. Say for example; When the weather is cloudy or hazy we generally become idle and unmotivated to go out and do something. The chi energy in our space works the same way. When the path of chi in our home is blocked, cluttered or confusing, certain areas in our lives can suffer.

Our relationships, ability to gain wealth or advancing in our career becomes stagnant, idle and "on hold". Chi needs to circulate freely with ease in order to help provide a constant flow of Harmony and Balance in our lives. For example, if the chi runs along a long corridor it becomes a shar (negative energy) because the corridor produces the "venturi effect" (when a wind coming from a big open space suddenly needs to squeeze in a tight narrow space). Chi moving along this corridor gains too much speed unable to flow gracefully, evenly and calmly through the space. A space needs to be balanced, not too empty and not overly crowded. This is when the concept of Yin and Yang become an important key player in Feng Shui.

Yin and Yang symbolizes a balance between two worlds and each Yin and Yang displays within the possibility of the opposite happening. Yin is the half where the black color is dominant and is characterized as the more dormant, dark and plays well with those who are more of the internal or masculine personality. Yang on the other hand is represented by the half where the white color is dominant. Yang is characterized more as light, warm and plays well with those whose personality is more feminine, outgoing and young.

In any scenario or condition of any space there is always, fortunately, a remedy or adjustment that we can apply to create the Harmony and Balance you are seeking. With the user's participation and understanding of what it is they really want to manifest for themselves, the art of Feng Shui works wonders and the possibilities are infinite.

Why Feng Shui?

Have you ever entered a room that made you feel heavy and tired and you couldn’t think straight or stay focused? Or have you ever been in a room that made you feel happy and relaxed and you took a deep breath and just felt better? Have you ever gone to meditate, do yoga or exercise but then you came home and that uplifting feeling was cut short? Ever wonder why you can’t get a house off the market or why all your hard earned money seems to just go “down the drain”? With Feng Shui, together we can transform a sad space into an uplifting space, a stagnant space into an inspiring space. We can create paths for better opportunities and so on! It helps to support the change in our environment from poor to good, good to great and great to even better!

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