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How Feng Shui Entered My Life

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The gift that keeps on giving.

How did Feng Shui enter my life?

My father came to visit  me in the summer of 2001. During his visit I took him to a bookstore and a few minutes later he came over with this brown bag and inside were two medium sized books. I took them out briefly and glanced over the covers and titles. I remember reading the title out loud and not a clue to what it was about at all and after having just graduated from a long five year program of Architecture two weeks prior, the last thing I wanted to do was to open ANY book and read!  Nonetheless, I was thrilled to get these books personally from my father and I said thank you and put the books back in the bag (this will later on prove to be an error on my part to have waited as long as I did). These two books sat collecting dust on my shelf for a little over two years. Yes, two years!

One random slow day, I picked one of them up off the shelf and read the first page then the next page and then the next chapter and so on. I did not want to PUT IT DOWN! Everything about it just clicked like a switch being turned on and it just made SO MUCH sense to me personally. It felt incredibly natural and I never had to reread any of the pages either.  I just drank, drank, drank all the words as if I had found the Holy Grail and in it was excellent red wine! At the end I was still quenching for more. They were the first two Feng Shui books I read and since then I've grown fond of the Feng Shui philosophy. Needless to say, I kept myself busy at home that same day doing what I call - Feng Shui LESSON 1 - Purge clutter away!  As my own testament here, everything started to become lifted instantaneously.

That was the beginning of my happy journey that lead me here today.

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