Local artist brings harmony and peace.
Rhonna del Rio, Healing Artist, Peace and Harmony


DESIGN >for your home 

Rhonna holds a formal degree in architecture from California Polythechnic University, Pomona, CA.  Recipient of 3 prestigious awards including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) design and academic award, Rhonna graduated as one of the top in her class. She initiated her architecture career with world renowned Richard Meier and Partners. She has over 20 years of combined professional experience in architecture, landscape architecture, and variety of design collaborations. Although her petite physique can be unassuming at first,  Rhonna has a giant creative imagination and  conquers design challenges of all scale with simple, practical and out of the box solutions. She loves being a part of the solution and is the first to roll up her sleeve to get the job done efficiently and passionately.

ART > for your heart

In 2011, Rhonna's creative path took an unexpected turn, when her personal journey along side her yoga practice  inspired early etchings of spiritual expressions drawn on small square coffee filters that eventually turned to large paintings on canvases. Her feminine and angelic beings come to life as her sweeping brush strokes capture the dance between breath and sacred movement, touching on themes of light, love, freedom, divine feminine, balance, purity, harmony and truth.Today, her art can be found in healing spaces and homes around the world while gaining reputation as art for healing.  Her canvases glow an intimate shade of a creative and yogi's journey to the soul.​ A whisper of truth.


HARMONY > for your mind

Rhonna has over a decade of professional experience in Feng Shui. She received her Certified Feng Shui Professional (CFSP) training under Feng Shui Master teacher, James Jay  and  world renowned, Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun revered as the world's most prominent authority on Feng Shui. Her professional training and strong intuitive awareness to the energy of spaces, allows her to deliver harmony for all spaces. She believes that everything has it's rightful place and confidently apply quick, easy and practical solutions.

Fun Facts about Rhonna: You will find her laughing and playing with her daughter and adopted kitty,  flowing on her yoga mat, rearranging hers and someone's furniture, designing a house or backyard, holding a cup of coffee, and gazing at a canvas from the floor in her home where she paints. Today,  Rhonna has her online store for her art and is grateful and is learning the sign language!


A Los Angeles based

designer, artist, and

feng shui master.