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Spacial Harmony

What are you quietly wishing and praying for?


I help create peace and harmony in your home so that you are supported in all areas of life.


My Spatial Harmony consultation is a combination of over 20 years of professional architecture work experience, 20 years of Feng Shui personal practice, and over 15 years as a certified Feng Shui professional, and a lifelong intuitive gift for knowing where healing is needed in the homes. With these, I create practical solutions and reasonable ways to transform your home with the style that you already have or wish to have. 


Witness for yourself how a space can transform from a sad room into a joyful space, a stagnant backyard into an inspirational garden, and a challenging house into a helpful home.  Together we can align your home’s existing condition with your life goals from poor to good, good to great, and great to even better!

I contacted Rhonna not only because she is a certified feng shui designer but also because she is an experienced architecture and interior designer.  What's priceless for me is the enlightenment, self-discovery, healing and growth I got in the process. 


I'd say I received more than what I paid for and am very satisfied with the result.  Thank you so much, Rhonna.  I don't know what to say but WOW!

~Flor S., Superior Court Reporter, California


She has such a great, contagious, positive spirit that radiates in your home.


—Steffani S., Business Woman. Fullerton, CA

...she ultimately creates a harmonious and beautiful environment! 


—Susan F., RYT, Life Coach, and local TV host, Santa Monica, CA

I cannot thank her enough for this sense of peace she has provided me. Please tell everyone.

—Rachel M., Writer Los Angeles, CA



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