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What have you been quietly praying about? Rhonna's Spatial Harmony, is a combination of her prayers with God and over 15 years of  certified Feng Shui service.  She listens internally to find the areas in your home that needs clearing for blessings to come into your life. She's coined the term "FunShway". (Shway is a an urban dictionary word meaning astonishingly awesome) Through Rhonna's FunShway, witness for yourself how a space can transform  from a sad space into a sacred space, a stagnant space into an vibrant space. We can create paths for God's blessings and better opportunities and so on! It helps to align the changes in our goals, prayers and environment from poor to good, good to great, and great to even better!

I contacted Rhonna not only because she is a certified feng shui designer but also because she is an experienced architecture and interior designer.  What's priceless for me is the enlightenment, self-discovery, healing and growth I got in the process. 


I'd say I received more than what I paid for and am very satisfied with the result.  Thank you so much, Rhonna.  I don't know what to say but WOW!

~Flor S., Superior Court Reporter, California


She has such a great, contagious, positive spirit that radiates in your home.


—Steffani S., Business Woman. Fullerton, CA

...she ultimately creates a harmonious and beautiful environment! 


—Susan F., RYT, Life Coach, and local TV host, Santa Monica, CA

I cannot thank her enough for this sense of peace she has provided me. Please tell everyone.

—Rachel M., Writer Los Angeles, CA



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