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Rhonna's Story


I enjoy coffee and take pride in repurposing things that are unique in character.  And so, I began to collect the square coffee filters I used when I made my coffee everyday. I stacked them up until they were like a loose journal.

In February 2011, with my love of yoga, I took a yoga challenge- 20 yoga classes in 28 days. I wanted to journal the challenge on the coffee filters, you know... 'write' about the experience, but instead I started to doodle forms between the coffee ground stains all depicting feminine archetypes with hearts and wings. As my yoga practice got deeper,  the archetypes got bigger and I began to paint them on canvases. Since then, it has been my spiritual and sacred mission to share yoga & art journey with the world. CLICK to see complete portfolio.


"Let go and be free
The soul dreams
what the mind cannot see.
A gift for you,
a whisper of TRUTH.
Yoga and Art Journey."
- written for  my Art Journey by Delfina Geus

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