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Rhonna listens to her clients with the genuine intent to understand what they truly need and desire.


Rhonna's passion for delivering a strong design is not dictated by the type of client or scale of the project on hand. She listens to her clients with genuine intent to understand what the client truly needs and desires.   She visually translates on paper their vision with care and innate knowing that the heart of all spaces is conceived and born during the schematic design phase.  Taking into account the function of the space from sunrise to evening hours, she draws the proposal with beautiful, poetic, and practical solutions bringing to a physical reality a space that was once only imagined by clients. 

Her clientele varies from home and property owners, architects, landscape architects, developers, contractors or builders,  interior designers, property management companies, and more.  With a handful of trusted colleagues and co-consultants,  together Rhonna and her team can handle large to small-scale design projects such as custom homes from the ground up, remodeling, additions (exterior and interior), garage conversion / ADU,  facade and product design, floor plan layout, landscaping, as-built sets, rendering and more.


Rhonna has contributed to the design development and documentation of all aspects of our office's projects, including site and architectural design, interior design, and presentation drawings. She rings a level of craftsmanship to produce excellent results. Rhonna has the ability to see through the transparent layers of a problem to a solution and product of clarity. She can be depended upon to understand the complexities of any challenging problem.


Versatility has enabled Rhonna to understand and produce at many scales, making her a most valuable and exemplary. I recommend her without hesitation.

Michael Palladino, AIA



Rhonna brings the intangibles and breaths life into her designs, her ability to create the magic  in her work is what makes her architecture great.


Gregg Maedo, AIA

~Principal of  GM&A, a Healthcare Architecture Firm


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